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Attention, Beerholics! You Can Now Take Your Passion for Drinking to New Heights at This Beer Spa!

Before I visited Czech Republic, I always thought of Germany as the beer capital of Europe. However, during my trip to Czech, I became aware of the fact that there are approximately 400 major breweries in the country. My very first day in the country saw me chugging mugs of delicious brands of beer like StaropramenPilsnerBudweiser and a fine selection of brews from a microbrewery.

While strolling through the lanes of Prague, with the refined bitterness of the beers that I had just had still tickling my taste buds, I stumbled upon a fascinating place called The Original Beer Spa!

Was I under the influence or had the prayers of every beer-enthusiast just been answered?

Bathing in beer at The Original Beer Spa, Prague


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Photo of ORIGINAL BEER SPA, Žitná, New Town, Czechia by Saumiabee

As I entered the Original Beer Spa with my friends, I felt like someone had opened the gates to paradise. We were welcomed into the spa’s reception where we made our bookings. While waiting for the spa chamber to be readied, we noticed that there were four massive taps located in the centre of the room. When I turned one of them on, I was surprised to see that it wasn’t water that came pouring out, but liquid luck in the form of glistening Czech Krušovice beer. For the next few hours, we had access to unlimited beer! Could this be real?

But this was only the beginning of a beery beery merry afternoon.

Inside the spa chamber

Photo of Attention, Beerholics! You Can Now Take Your Passion for Drinking to New Heights at This Beer Spa! by Saumiabee
Photo of Attention, Beerholics! You Can Now Take Your Passion for Drinking to New Heights at This Beer Spa! by Saumiabee

We were led downstairs to what seemed like the chamber of secrets in Harry Potter. The tantalising scent of fragrant oils mixed with the heady aroma of beer got me craving for more. I opened the door to unearth a massive but cozy chamber, dimly lit, while soothing Czech songs softly played in the background. The ambience was instantly intoxicating.

There were three huge, handmade oak casks on one side of the room that overlooked a Wheat Straw Bed. A Hop Sauna room was also a part of the experience. The spa host then showed us how the beer bath is drawn and gave us a brief history of beer baths and their benefits for the skin. Soon, the Jacuzzi burst to life.

We changed into our bathing suits (one can also experience the spa in the nude) and entered the warm, welcoming barrel brimming to the top with the golden elixir. The bath was not only extremely relaxing, but had a number of medicinal benefits. The Czech Brewer’s Yeast that has been acclaimed for its therapeutic properties since ancient times forms the main component of the spa.

Photo of Attention, Beerholics! You Can Now Take Your Passion for Drinking to New Heights at This Beer Spa! by Saumiabee

Replete with aromatic oils, essential B vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins, the spa contributes to the overall regeneration of the skin. The vitamins reduce acne breakouts and add to the natural glow and elasticity of your skin. The warm liquid dissolves dead skin, removing harmful substances from the body and opening skin pores. The spa also offers excellent overall detoxification of the skin. While you lounge in the beer tubs, you can also treat yourself to unlimited beer and beer bread!

After an hour in the tub, we moved on to the hop sauna room and thereafter, relaxed on the hay bed. My skin felt smooth and lustrous. The combined effect of the beer and the calming atmosphere lulled my senses.

The beer spa is an experience that is a whole lot of fun and at the same time, will leave you rejuvenated! You can visit in a huge group. However, the experience is sure to be particularly invigorating if you’re visiting with your partner. The spa, the beer, and the sauna will transport you into a trance, making it one of the most romantic experiences you will ever have!

So when you’re in Prague and want to recoup after a long day of walking around and exploring the city, head to The Original Beer Spa for the best spa experience of your life!


Rybná 3, 110 00 Staré Město, Prague.

Cost for one hour:

1 tub, 1 person: Rs 6,148

1 tub, 2 persons: Rs 8,299

2 tubs, 2 persons: Rs 10,143

2 tubs, 3 persons: Rs 13,217

2 tubs, 4 persons: Rs 15,368

You can also book the experience for one more hour, at a 15% discounted rate.

At The Original Beer Spa, the sweetest pleasures of life combine to give you the most memorable travel experience! Trust me, every penny spent on this spa is worth it! So when are you planning to visit?


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